Piano tuition, loving tailored for you.

Do you wish you could to play the piano?
Got music in your head that you want to release?
Do you want to nurture your passion for music?

Come and learn piano and music with me.

– Whether you’ve played before or are just a beginner.
– Through the classical grades or for personal development.
– Nurture a love and passion for music.
– Write the music inside.
– Express yourself.

Specialising in piano, composition, performance and electronic music production.

I can teach towards the following examination boards; ABRSM (Piano) LCM (Piano) LCM Rockschool Popular Music (Piano) and prepare students for examinations in Music production and audio technology.

In your home tuition sessions are £35 per hour, £30 if you come to my studio and if you pay for 4 consecutive sessions, £100.

From the beautiful sound of the piano and an understanding of its ways, you can create any music within you and learn to play anything that ‘tickles your ivories’.

The piano is an instrument that needs no accompaniment and when you know how to play it opens the world of music, being extendable to a huge variety of other instruments. Many instruments are based on the piano and suddenly you can have the joy of music at your finger tips.

Whether you just want to play for pleasure, meditation (i lose myself in scales sometimes) or to impress you friends and family or if you are looking to learn it all; how to compose and write, perform and produce your own music, I can teach you and we will love doing so.

From absolute beginner to intermediate, I can share my love of music, teach you the theory thats behind it and reveal the secret code that is reading music.
If you want to learn to make music then I can teach it, from absolute beginner to advanced.

I have over 5 years of teaching experience with a variety of age groups and I am a keen and exciting teacher. I want you or your child to find music they love so that they are always inspired to have it in their life, whatever form it may take.

Call me to discuss and a free assessment.