Chantelle Scott, a female singer-songwriter-electronic-fiddler-composer-producer-engineer currently residing in the fair lands of Manchesterville, UK. Inspired and nourished by sound.

Chantelle has a varied repertoire having composed & produced music for theatre, art exhibitions and live performance. She has also recorded & mixed all manor of sound from musicians/bands, extreme performance artists to the romping frogs in a pond. She has been creating and performing an interactive composition for a circus troupe, Circle Ascent, and is co-writing, producing and recording a collection of Children’s songs, for The Enchanted Child project. She has an ongoing relationship as a producer and sound engineer for┬áseveral independent musicians. Chantelle is a keen and confident teacher and leads workshops with children and young adults in electronic music and music production. She currently works as a sound engineer in both the studio and live environment.

If you want to get in touch to discuss any kind of beautiful and unusual projects you have got in mind, to encompase her composition and production skills into your creative project or to talk about any manor of workshop ideas you would like to engage, please use the contacts page.

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